Insurance FAQs

    Get answers to your frequently asked malpractice insurance questions. For additional information, please call (800) 343-1368 or email us at

    General Information

    1. I do not buy insurance from AANA Insurance Services, but I have questions regarding malpractice insurance. Can AANA Insurance Services still help me?

      AANA Insurance Services serves as a resource to all membership. Whether you secure coverage through us or not, we are here to answer any malpractice insurance questions you might have.

    2. What coverage options does AANA Insurance Services offer?

      For a complete list of the coverage options we offer, visit our Policy Options page.

      Already know what coverage you need? Get a no-hassle quote now.

    3. What is the contact information for AANA Insurance Services?

      AANA Insurance Services
      116 S. Prospect Ave.
      Park Ridge, IL 60068

      Phone: 800-343-1368
      Fax: 800-547-2220

    Trying to Apply or Renew Coverage and Receiving an Error Message That Reads “I Do Not Have the Proper Credentials…

    This typically means your AANA Membership is not current. You will need to renew your AANA Membership online or call the AANA at (847) 692-7050 during business hours. Once you renew your membership, you will have to wait a couple of hours to apply. The system needs time to update.

    Do I Have to Be a Member of AANA to Obtain a Policy or Renew My Coverage? Can I Renew My AANA Membership With Insurance?

    Yes, you do have to be a current member of the AANA in order to obtain malpractice insurance.  Insurance is a benefit of Membership. AANA membership cannot be renewed with Insurance Services.

    You will need to call the AANA at (847) 692-7050 or renew membership online through the AANA website. You can also renew online here.

    Insurance Company Information

    1. Which insurance companies does AANA Insurance Services represent?

      AANA Insurance Services represents Medical Protective (MedPro Group), which provides coverage in all 50 states and in the District of Columbia.

    2. Is MedPro Group a financially sound insurance company?

      MedPro has received an A++ (Superior) rating from A.M. Best, the world's first and most widely recognized independent rating agency in the insurance industry. Learn more about MedPro.

    My Policy - Existing Coverage and New Coverage

    1. My policy has a limit on the number of hours I can work (e.g., part time, moonlighting, and slot policies). How is an “hour” defined, and will I have to report the number of hours I worked during the policy period? Any time spent related to the care of a patient should be counted in your total number of hours worked. This would include not only the “hands-on” time you have with the patient during the procedure, but also any time that is spent with patient-related activities before the case (e.g., preoperative interview) or after the case (e.g., charting).

      The hours you count are not based on the total hours you work or how you are paid. Let’s say you have on-call responsibilities. If you are on call for 24 hours, but don’t end up having any cases during those 24 hours, you wouldn’t count any of those hours, because you didn’t provide any patient care. Again, you only count the hours where you have client-patient contact or are conducting any activities related to patient care.

      You will not have to report the number of hours you worked during the policy period; you are on your honor. However, you should keep an accurate count for the hours you work and if you exceed your hour limitation, you should increase your coverage. If you should happen to have a claim and the insurance company discovers you have worked a greater number of hours than what you applied for, the insurance company could have grounds to deny your claim. At a minimum, there would be an additional premium charge.

    2. How do I report a claim?

      In event of a claim please have the following information available:

      • Date of the incident
      • Patient information (name, age, gender)
      • Facility information (name and address)
      • A brief description of the incident

      To report a claim, please call 800-343-1368.

    Malpractice Liability Coverage Information

    1. Should I buy occurrence or claims-made coverage?

      Generally speaking, occurrence coverage is simpler and more consumer-friendly than claims-made coverage. In most cases, we would recommend an occurrence policy over a claims-made policy. We also recognize that every CRNA’s situation is different, and we can work with you to find the coverage option that best suits you.

    2. How are legal costs and other claims expenses handled?

      For the policies offered by AANA Insurance Services, any legal costs and claims expenses incurred in defending you are paid in addition to the policy limits. That means no matter what costs are paid out to defend you, those costs do not erode your limits of liability. The policies offered by AANA Insurance Services provide you with virtually unlimited defense costs.

    3. I have coverage through my facility, but I plan to do some work at some other locations. I am not sure how much of that work I am going to do. Do you have coverage for that?

      Yes, we do. AANA Insurance Services offers moonlighting policies for CRNAs who are providing anesthesia services outside their primary jobs.

      We offer three moonlighting policies. The first provides coverage for up to 500 hours of moonlighting work annually. The 500-hour policy would provide about 10 hours of coverage a week on average. Please note though, there is no weekly cap on hours worked. The 500 hours can be spread out however you like over the annual policy period.

      There is also a policy if you plan to moonlight 1,000 hours per year or less (20 hours per week on average) and a policy if you are going to moonlight more than 1,000 hours per year.

    4. What is a slot policy?

      A slot policy is equivalent to a full-time policy. However, unlike a standard full-time policy that only covers one CRNA, a slot policy can cover up to 10 CRNAs. The policy provides coverage for up to 2,000 hours worked (50 weeks x 40 hours) by the CRNAs covered by this policy. The number of CRNAs and the number of hours worked can be done in any combination as long as the total number of CRNAs does not exceed 10 and the total number of hours worked by the CRNAs covered under the policy does not exceed 2,000.

    5. Does AANA Insurance Services offer slot policies?

      Yes, AANA Insurance Services offers slot policies. These policies are available on an occurrence basis.

    New Business or Renewal Application Has Stopped In Underwriting

    There are several reasons, but not limited to, as to why your application may stop in underwriting: past claims, incidents, legal issues, coverage is in a patient compensation fund (PCF) state, vicarious liability, add or remove your business entity, Kentucky coverage.

    Who Do I Make My Check Payable to?

    Make your check payable to AANA Insurance Services for your premium payment. Our mailing address is 116 South Prospect Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068

    Contact First Insurance Funding (FIF) Regarding Loan

    Visit First Insurance Funding
    Customer Service: (800) 837-3707
    Fax: 800-837-3709 

    Mail Loan payments to: 
    First Insurance Funding 
    PO Box 7000 
    Carol Stream, IL 60197-7000 

    Overnight Payments to:
    First Insurance Funding
    450 Skokie Blvd, Ste 1000
    Northbrook, IL 60062-7917

    Types of Insurance Coverage

    Moonlighting means you work somewhere that coverage is provided for you. You need coverage outside of the facility where coverage is provided.

    Full time or Part time means you will be using this policy for ALL facilities where you practice.

    Supplemental/Employed means you are looking to supplement your employer’s policy. This is not a primary policy. For more info about coverage options AANA Insurance Services provides, please visit the MY Policy page

    Malpractice Insurance Premium Prices

    Get QuoteYou may call our office during business hours at (800) 343-1368 or complete the online form. We will respond to your inquiry within two business days.

    Applying for Coverage

    1. How can I apply for malpractice coverage?

      You can get a no-hassle quote or get in contact with our knowledgeable staff by visiting the Get Quote

    2. How long does it take to get a quote from AANA Insurance Services?

      You can expect to receive a quote within 2-3 days of your inquiry. For faster response, give us a call at 800-343-1368.

    3. Do the policies offered by AANA Insurance Services have any limitations or restrictions on my ability to practice?

      The policies we offer have no limitations or restrictions on your ability to practice. You can work to the fullest extent of your licensure and scope of practice.

    4. Does AANA Insurance Services offer premium financing?

      Yes, AANA Insurance Services does offer premium financing. Various options are available to meet your specific needs.

    5. I plan to work in more than one state. Can I get coverage for that?

      Yes, AANA Insurance Services offers coverage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. No matter how many different states you work in, we can provide coverage.

      Because premiums differ by state, your policy premium would be calculated based on the percentage of work you do in each state. As an example, if you worked 10 percent in Florida, 50 percent in Georgia and 40 percent in North Dakota, you would pay 10 percent of the Florida premium, 50 percent of the Georgia premium and 40 percent of the North Dakota premium.

    6. I have been a CRNA for many years; I have always worked for a hospital or a group that provided my malpractice insurance. A few years ago I had a job that gave me a week off at a time. I started moonlighting and purchased a moonlighting policy from AANA Insurance Services. After a few months, I changed jobs, which made the moonlighting impossible, and I canceled my policy.

      Because I had a claims-made policy, I was offered a tail. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I asked around. Unfortunately, I followed some bad advice and didn’t purchase the tail.

      I want to buy another policy now. Am I ineligible for a new policy if I didn’t buy a tail on a previous claims-made policy? I do not want to go through all the trouble of filling out an application if I don’t have to. At one point in time, the failure to purchase a tail on a previous claims-made policy did affect your eligibility to get coverage. That is no longer the case. You can apply for a new policy without worrying about your previous claims-made policy.

    7. Is coverage available for CRNAs who have had claims, substance abuse issues, license forfeitures, or board of nursing complaints?

      In most cases, the answer is yes. Because there has been an underwriting issue, the insurance company will usually require supplemental information in addition to the application. This will generally make the application process take longer than normal.

      It is also important to note that the policy coverages for an applicant with an underwriting issue may not be as broad as for an applicant without such an issue. The policy premium may also be higher for an applicant who has an underwriting issue.

    How to Make a Change to a Current Policy

    You can access the following change forms online. The change forms will need to be downloaded and printed. You will need to fax/email the form back to our office.

    • Mailing Address Change Form
    • Location of Practice Change
    • Policy Type Change Form
    • Decrease Limits of Liability
    • Cancellation Form

    Fax: 800-547-2220.

    The effective date of change will be date received by AANA Insurance Services, unless a future date is requested.To access the forms, make sure you are logged into the AANA website. Go to My Policy. This will bring you to “My Current Policy Information” On the “grid” there will be a column for “Make a Change”

    For any questions or other change requests, please contact our office during business hours at 800-343-1368.

    Renew Group Coverage Online

    For questions regarding group coverage, please email us at or call (800) 343-1368.

    Third-Party Request of a Claims History or Coverage Verification for a CRNA

    Requests (including a release) need to be emailed to or faxed to 800-547-2220. Typically turn-around time is 7-10 days.

    Obtain Current or Expired Certificates or Add a Certificate Holder

    My PolicyThis will bring you to the My Current Policy Information page.

    From here you can:

    • Print your Expired Certs from the menu on the left.
    • Print your Current Certificate of Insurance
    • Modify Certificate Holder

    If you prefer, you can email your request to or faxed to 800-547-2220. Typical turn-around time is 7-10 days.

    Request Your Claims History

    Requests need to be emailed to or faxed to 800-547-2220. Typically turn-around time is 7-10 days.